Wednesday, 10 June 2009

365 Cards - Day 101 - Fun with Food - Veggies

I want to start this post by saying a HUGE 'Thank You' to everyone who posted messages to wish me a Happy Birthday, it was lovely to receive these messages from people who you have never met in the flesh but are friends non the less.

Onto my card which is for yesterdays challenge over at 365 Cards, because of my birthday and the fact I had to be in work at 6am this morning I am a day behind but hopefully I will be able to catch up over the next day or so, I need to catch up as I have not missed a day so far.

The challenge was as simple as it sounds, just create a card with a veggie (or two or three...) on it.

So here is my card...

... which was inspired by me listening to the radio, the song that was playing??

John Lennon - Give Peace a chance!!

How lucky was that, I turned the radio on as I started to think about this card and that was the song being played, maybe it was a sign!!


Gloria said...

Haven't been on in a few days---had company in from out of state--so a belated Happy Birthday to you....I'm missing the challenges--see you are keeping up--You go girl...

Rose said...

Well it's a perfect card for the challenge and the song!! so cute :D hope you had a grat birthday!!

misteejay said...

What a great sentiment - love the card.

Toni :o)

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