Sunday, 27 June 2010

I am still around

How long has it been since I posted on my blog? Too long and I am sorry but things and life have been hectic as usual.

Well I was really busy with my Niece's wedding, I had a lot of orders for the wedding from different members of the family and most of them to kept as a secret and none of which I have photo's of, I must remember to take pictures of stuff as I make it. Even though it was a busy time I thoroughly enjoyed the wedding, it was a lovely day and nice to be able to relax a while. Thanks to Karen for looking after the shop for me.

So where are we up to now? The shop has been busy first with craft club which has now been extended to 3 sessions a week with a 4th session in the planning stages, then we had father's day with lots of special orders for that.

Then it was time to re-stock with Candy Bouquets, these are a few of the ones we have in stock at the minute

Then the birth of our new Granddaughter to prepare for, Katie Jayne was born on Thursday weighing a healthy 8lb 9oz, Mum and baby are doing fine and both came home yesterday. Well with a new baby it was time to stock up on the baby section so Nappy Cakes were first on the list

This one was made for Katie

These are a few of the others we have in the shop

The items on the Baby section sell out really fast so its a constant battle to keep the shelves stocked. The nappy cakes are really popular with our customers as are the personalised canvases we make

These are a couple I did remember to take photo's of although I have made some for orders which I have no pics of.

So another busy week in the shop but today I shall be enjoying the day off to watch England play, some of the family are coming round for that and we shall be having a BBQ later and just enjoying the sunshine.


Sunday, 25 April 2010

Sorry but I have been very busy....

I firstly have to say how sorry I am that I haven't been on here for such a long time but I have just been so busy with the shop that I just dont seem to find any time.

Well what have I been doing? I have been very busy with orders and making new stock for the shop so thats my excuse for not having visited my blog in such a long time.

The shop is doing really well and is keeping us very busy at the minute, we have taken some wedding orders for the upcoming months which is really nice.

We have craft club well established now and have now had to extend this to 3 sessions a week to give everyone a place, we have met some lovely people since opening the shop and the craft club is proving to be very popular. Our ladies are all different crafting abilities but they all seem very keen to have a go at anything we throw at them. Her are the first 3 Ladies who have been with us since the first week

Susan with her first attempt at crafting, Susan had never made anything before but started with a blackboard, she has since made another for her DIL.
Tina with her first shopping board, Tina was another lady who had never crafted before but has now made a number of items with us

Christine with her first shopping board, both Christine and Tina now plan to make as many Christmas presents as they can.

Wednesday now seems to be family night which is really nice as us girls dont seem to get together so often now, there are 6 of us all chatting and crafting, 2 of my DIL's have never crafted but both are planning to start scrapbooks of their Boys. Marie is a little more into crafting and has made things with me before this is one of the blackboards by my DIL Marie, she made 2, one for her and one for her Mum.

So thats some of the things that have been keeping me away from my blog, you need to go and look at Karen's blog to see some of the beautiful cards she has been making for the shop

I promise I will try and visit more often and bring you more of the items we have been making very soon!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

My new shop opens today!

Well its been ages since I posted anything on here but I havent been watching daytime tv or lazing around, not at all I have been very busy getting my new shop ready and it opens TODAY!!!

I also have a new blog that my DIL will be helping out with, It's called  Love, Heart, Home as thats the name of my new shop. The new blog will tell you all about the daily going on's, the workshops we will be holding and anything else we can think of.

I have to say a few Thank You's and some of them are to people who will never read my blog but I want to say it anyway:

To my family who have helped make my idea into a reality. Sarah, who has helped me get the shop ready and who is always there to help when needed, Ryan my Grandson who has put up with late dinners and being bored especially this last week and to my fab hubby Tony who works long days in his job but never moans about coming to help me after work.

To Lincoln, my DIL's brother who has made all the beautiful units for my shop from picture in the laura Ashley book, the shop looks gorgeous and I couldn't have got here without him. xxxxx

To Karen, my DIL. Karen keeps me going when the stress sets in by reminding me 'It is a good idea and everything will be fine' Karen has also made a fantastic selection of cards for the shop so Thank you Karen.

To everyone and anyone else who has been involed in getting the shop ready for today, a HUGE thank you, you know who you are.

Before I go I just want to add that today is also 26 years to the day since my Hubby and I moved in together, we have been married  for 24 years of those years so Happy Anniversary Tony, I love you!

Well thats all the soppy stuff done with, I am off to get ready for the day. Hoping to be back later with news of opening day and some pictures of my NEW SHOP!!!

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