Tuesday, 12 May 2009

It looks like today is the day...

... that my Hubby and our 2 Sons Wayne and Gareth will find out if they have been made redundant or not and to be honest it isnt looking too good at the minute for any of us. Fingers crossed but we should know in the next few hours!
It is also our Son Gareth and his Wife Marie's 2nd Wedding Anniversary today so I want to wish them all the best, it will be an awful day for them if Gareth looses his job today

I am finding it hard to get into anything today but I shall have a look at my challenges in a bit to see if I can get something done to keep my mind off the situation.

On a brighter note I have this morning made the sample of my Grandson's Birthday invites, Marie decided that she wanted a post card type invite. I have done the first one and cut all the pieces and sent them off to Marie for her to put them all together just copying my design

Here is what I have come up with

and the back which I designed and printed on my pc

In my post yesterday I stated he was going to be 2 but in fact he will only be 1, he is a bit of a cutie though dont you think?
Well I am off to try and find something to keep me occupied for the next few hours, I may be back later with something I have managed to put together


Deanne said...

Beautiful invitation Maz! I will be thinking about you and your family today and hoping for the best for all of you as you wait for news on their jobs.

Rose said...

your so right he is a cutie!! fantastic invites also. i pray all turns out well for your dh and boys. your wise to keep busy :)

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