Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Ive had a bad Day/Week so far!!

I don't normally use my blog to have a moan but I have had such a bad few days I need to vent it somewhere.

I work as a merchandiser for a company that has a contract with Tesco.

I have been put on short time since Christmas, it is because our company want everyone under the National Insurance band where they don't have to pay a contribution, so since last may I have been working anything from 45 to 60 hours a week I then had my hours reduced to 21 hours a week, not good!

They then decided to split my hours to include a Saturday, this means next December when they ask us all to work the extra hours which are always Saturdays we then have to do it at normal rate instead of time and a half which we have been paid previously. I took advice and was told they cant make me work Saturday's and as it isn't in my contract and I have arrangements I told them I couldn't do it so now I am on 15 hours a week, even worse!

They employed a new lady to work the hours on Saturdays and she isn't doing anything which means on Monday I have to do my work plus what she didn't do on Saturday and instead of having 6 hours to do it in I now have only 4, could it get any worse!

Yes, my hubby came home yesterday and his whole factory has just been put on 30 days notice of redundancy, they will find out in 2 weeks whose names are on the list to be made redundant in this phase with the threat of further redundancies in the future.

Well thats my week so far and its only Tuesday!!

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lorna said...

oh maz i'm so sorry to hear this, i know what that feels like having just been through it, i hope his job is safe.
i don't think they can make you work saturday for normal rate seen as they have asked you too. i have just been asked to work mothers day and was told because they have asked me it will be as overtime rate.

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