Sunday, 8 March 2009

A Baby frame

This frame was bought by my DIL from one of the local pound shops. It is one of those that you can make a cast of a hand or foot or paw out of the clay provided and add a photo to the other side.

The frame itself was plain white and my DIL wanted it covered so this is what I have done with it.

The verse has been printed onto vellum and reads:

Tiny yawns and sleepy sighs,
Nursery rhymes and lullabies.
A brand new life has just begun,
what fun it is to have a Son!

Hope you like it!


lorna said...

gorgeous as always maz
lorna x

misteejay said...

Beautiful - makes it so personal.

Toni :o)

daydreamer said...

Thats a lovely frame Maz,I don't know how you find the time to complete all your projects! I struggle do get 1 thing made a month!!!
Hope to see you next Saturday
Rach xxx

rie said...

Thank you so much it's fantastic xx

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