Friday, 6 March 2009

365 Cards - Day 4 - Ad Inspired

I am a little out of sync with these as this is for Day 4 and I have already completed Day 5.

This challenge was to use an ad to inspire the design of your card, well here is what inspired mine

I totally love this colour combination in the first picture, it is clean and fresh and would enhance any room, the next photo is the layered flowers which are gorgeous and the final pic is the room which is bright and airy with clean lines and is what I would love my house to look like.

So here is my card based on all that that I like about these pictures.

Hope you like it!


~amy~ said...

Great choice of pictures...such a relaxing've done a magnificent job on the challenge...your card is perfect and beautiful!!! thanks for playing!

stephjacobson said...

Gorgeous card! I love the colors and the way you tied the ribbon.

Lea L. said...

Your card is beautiful...I just love how fresh and clean the colors are! Makes me ready for spring! Great job with the ad challenge!


misteejay said...

Oh my, how beautiful.

Toni :o)

kristie sessions said...

i love those ads, and such a great card! Thanks for playing!

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