Sunday, 26 April 2009

Folded Flower Tutorial

Here as promised is the instructions for making the folded Flower I added to this card

Please be gentle with me as this is the first tutorial I have done so I hope it all makes sense.

For this to be really effective you need to use double sided paper, not card, the thicker your paper is the harder this will be to get it to look really neat. On my card above I used Double sided card but as I printed it myself it was only on thin card and the other petals are pages from a book I got off the car boot sale for 10p.

To start you need a scalloped circle, I cut mine using my Nestabilities, if you count the scallops mine are an odd number this will make the final folding a little different

Fold your circle in half and firmly crease the fold using either a bone folder or as I do your thumb nail

Now as you will see at one end you will have folded through on of the scallops, this is the side you need to start folding from, count up 6 plus the half scallop and fold so the edges are lined up

Ok so far

Now you need to fold that piece back so the bottom edge now lines up with the side edge

Now turn the whole thing over and fold up so that the bottom edge lines up with the side edge again

Now unfold and cut through the first fold you made

You now have 2 pieces

as you have an odd number of scallops you will need to fold one way and the other piece the other way so they are opposite to each other.
Hope that all makes sense


Rose said...

Thanks Maz :-) I will give it a try after church today!!! ** you did a wonderful job with the instructions** :-)

misteejay said...

Thank you - will put this on my list to try.

Toni :o)

Audrey said...

Wow! Thanks for the instructions. Will be bookmarking it to try it out!

Rose said...

GRRRR I don't have a scallop cut on any cart and so I'll just have to buy the nesties!! :-) will keep the turt until then.

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