Thursday, 16 April 2009

365 Cards - Scor-it week - Day 47 - Pop Up Card

Up to day 47 on 365 Cards and half way through Scor-It week, I have to say I am really enjoying this week.

So today we were asked to make a pop up card, I made one of these not so long ago for my Daughter's Birthday from her kids so I just used the same instructions for this one.

I also needed a card for Saturday, its our weekend crop this weekend and we always have an exchange, this weekends theme is to take something edible but either the item is home made or something bought and the packaging is home made

Here is my take on today's challenge

The green isn't really that bright but it is the best photo I could get with the light we have today.

From the top

And this is what I have made it to go with, I bought the Tea and Biscuits but made the packaging for them. The large box has Almond Biscuits in, the middle box has English Breakfast Tea and the small box has a selection of Fruit Teas in it.

This is them all together

Hope you like them!


misteejay said...

Oh they are lovely - you have been busy.

Toni :o)

~amy~ said...


Tammy said...

wow that is a lovely gift set!

Pam said...

Ditto on Amy's comment!

Kim said...

Wow!!! Who wouldn't like to get this as a gift!

Vicky said...

These are so cool! You did a FANTASTIC job!! I want to come to your weekend crop, too! :)

Rose said...

GREAT card and the boxes are fantastic!!! lucky lady that wins these!!! :-)

Fi said...

Wow - what a beautiful exchange gift - I am sure the recipent will love it. Great job on the pop-up card.

Bohemian Gypsy said...

HI Maz,
Ditto on Amy's comment too lol. I love it. I just said to Amy I enjoyed the process of making my card just didn't like my choices it was too plain for me is all. But yours well. . . what else can I say but WOW!!
Michelle M

kristie sessions said...

wow! talk about a great package! LOVE what you did so much Maz. That is truly one great gift!

Ivolina said...

Wonderful card and great collection of gifts.

Patti J. said...

Beautiful job!!! I just found your blog on 365 cards and signed up to follow you - feel free to come and follow me as well!!! Your work is awesome!

fabricbutterfly said...

what a great gift and card combo it is so thoughtful and beautiful

Jana said...

Awesome gift set. Great job.

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