Friday, 30 January 2009

'The Wall'...

As promised the other day; here are some pictures of the wall I am painting in my Grandson's bedroom, the room will eventually be shared by 2 boys, Morgan and Riley.

The photo on the left is as you can see the station with Thomas and the Fat Controller, the one on the right is the same wall just taken further back. The photo below is of the boards I did which sit below the picture for them to hang their school bags and dressing gowns on. The boards are MDF which have been coated in blackboard paint and the engines are 3D foam stickers that were bought in B&Q to go on their walls. I thought they would look a little lost so I persuaded my Son and DIL to let me paint the picture and do the baords for the boys.

As this is the longest wall in the room I am going to continue with James and Morgan's favourite Bertie the bus with Harold the helicopter flying above them all.

Not sure how long it will take me to finish this but hopefully not too long.

Here are Morgan and Riley!

I will add more pictures as I do bits to it.


rie said...

Hi im Marion's daughter in law and i would just like to say how much i love her work and feel so lucky to recieve such wonderful thoughtful gifts and i apreciate how much works goes into everyone she makes, she is a very talented lady Thank you marion xxx

Enfys said...

I think this is the most fantastic labour of love, it's wonderful. And the post from your DIL bought a lump to my throat, then the photos of your little cuties (what beautiful children) finished me off. Lump in throat, tears in eyes............. Well done on doing such a beautiful job.
Enfys xx

Karen said...

Thats brilliant,bet they love it. I would like to second my SIL's comments in saying how talented my MIL is.

Love Karen x

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