Friday, 23 January 2009

Sorry I havent posted...

but I have been a bit busy this week, what with work, family and my Granddaughter Amy things have been a bit hectic.

I am just adding a quick post whilst waiting for Amy and her mum to arrive at my house, Amy is a typical teenager, she knows everything but remembers nothing!

The problem is that she is involved in a school production of Grease, she was very lucky to get a part and has been rehearsing for months for it. The kids were all told before Christmas what costumes they would need, in her case a red circular skits and a black top, easy!! As the holiday was approaching Mum put it off until the new year, then she was away for a week skiing with school and she is also preparing for another show with her dance school, so lots to sort out but Amy isn't that organised and has phoned me to tell me she needs a circular skirt that I had started to make for her by tomorrow.

So I have machine ready and hopefully by tonight she will have her costume ready for this production, just the other one to sort out then.

The joys of being a crafty grandmother, eh!!


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