Monday, 5 January 2009

Monday Morning..

.. again, where did the weekend go?

I had loads planned for this weekend but achieved not a lot, I am working on some new ideas and spent half of Saturday crafting with my DIL but by the end of the day we still hadn't got anything finished and Sunday wasn't any better, had family round for dinner so nothing done on the crafting side at all.

The kids here are back to school tomorrow so maybe I will get my self sorted out a bit more then, loads of ideas and no time to get things done at the minute.

I have one thing to show you though, a present that my DIL made me

It has been made using tiny canvases that only measure 2" x 2", I love it and its so nice to actually get something that someone has taken the time and trouble to make just for me. Thank you Karen, I will find somewhere to hang it so the many visitors to my house will see it.

Well back to work for me and Hubby is also back after finishing work on Christmas eve, I think I am in the wrong job, I got Christmas day and Boxing day and the Sunday after Christmas off but its been work for me since, the joys of retail!!!

Take care and keep warm



1 comment:

daydreamer said...

Hi Maz, Love your present from Karen,
Bringing my BIA on Saturday so you can teach me how to use it!! lol
Rach x

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