Sunday, 11 January 2009

Crafting Essentials

I have a very small craftroom/office and as such I am very limited to what I can actually make/do in there. As you can see it really is small so it needs to be kept very organised, because of this I am only going to buy crafting essentials this year.

Essential 1

I took on an extra job before christmas so I could buy a Cricut which now sits on the desk in my craft room/office, this I did consider to be essential as I needed something to cut circles with, its very hard with a craft knife and a glass you know.

Essential 2

I am also looking at buying a Cuttlebug, my DIL has one and it looks so much easier to use and store than the great heavy red Sizzix machine I have, less strain on my back picking it up off the floor to use on my desk so I consider this to be in the interest of health, I also love the large embossing folders and buying them would help save the earth from global warming as my DIL has some but she lives 25 minutes away by car so it doesnt make sense keep popping over to borrow them.

Essential 3

I also really 'need' to own the nestabilities dies, I recently bought the scalloped circle and to save money I got the ones that match the size of circle I can cut on my cricut. I have seen so many gorgeous projects using these I figure it would be almost criminal for me not to own some of them

Essential 4

I searched the internet for days to find this next essential and as it was the only one I could find I figured I had got to buy it. It is on its way and my hope is that in some small way I am helping to boost the economy as I am with all of my purchases.

So this is my motto for 2009, only to buy crafting essentials

1 comment:

lorna said...

i like your thinking there maz, i might have to make myself an essentials list lol

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