Friday, 5 December 2008

Where do the days go?

Well I cant believe its been over a week since I added anything on here, when I started this blog I promised myself that I would post something everyday or at least every other day but already I am starting to fall behind.

I have been so busy with work, I have taken on some extra hours for Tesco up to Christmas in the hope that it will earn me enough money to buy either a Cricut or a Craft Robo for my self, the biggest problem is that I cant decide which to buy so

whats your favourite and why?

Any advice or help would be great to help me decide, I have spent hours on the internet looking at places like UKS and other sites but still cant decide.

Well its our Christmas Crop Party tomorrow, I have finished my Secret Santa just got to decide what to take with me to do all day so I am off to go and have a look at my 'Still To Do' list and see whats on there.

Bye for now


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