Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Ive got the Bug!!!

No I am not ill or anything, I have just bought a Cricut. I have been looking at buying one for ages but wasnt sure I would use it for the ammount of money it costs but I did some extra work in December and earnt the money to buy it myself.

I have spent hours trying to decide which of the 3 to buy but have settled with the little bug for now, see how I get on with that and maybe I will upgrade at a later date.

No work for me today so I am crafting, I have a couple of projects I want to have a go at and if they work out maybe some piccies later so off to make a start, maybe back later!!!



1 comment:

Viv said...

Enjoy your Cricut Maz!!!

(The Nestie's frame dies aren't the ones I'm after Maz. I've just got them thinking they were the right ones. Luv' 'em all the same, but the one I want is a Sizzix die I believe). ;0)
Have a very Happy and successful New Year!!!
Viv xxx

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