Thursday, 11 December 2008

I cant believe what I have done!!!

I really cant believe how stupid I have been!

This year as you know I have made all of my Grand kids presents for Christmas, the parents knew what they were all getting so I decided to make them all a surprise present and not tell any of them what they were. I deliberately have NOT added the pictures on here as 2 of my Daughter in laws read this blog, so what have I done you may ask.....

Well I have taken photo's of all the presents and uploaded them to my pc into 2 folders, the ones the parents know about and the ones they dont, no problem there or so you would think, the only trouble is I have used the folder with the suprise presents in as a screen saver on my pc and when my eldest Son and his family came to visit at the weekend my Grandaughter asked to use my pc as she always does and what did she see when she turned the screen on.............

Her present sitting looking back at her!!!

All I can say is I must be getting old, I didnt think for one minute that she always goes on the pc when she was here.

So much for the suprise eh!!!



lorna said...

oh dear maz, did you manage to fob her off or does she know it all?

daydreamer said...

Hi Maz, Whoops! Sounds like the kind of thing i would do! lol
Nevermind though, did you tell them 'they have since been sent to Santa now'!
Love Rach x

vicky said...

It doesn't matter mum.As none of us knew what u was doin.No-one else knew so it was a wonderful lovin supprise for us all and kids love their presents and are displaying them with pride and joy x thank u xxxx

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