Monday, 29 December 2008

That's it for another year

Well Christmas is over in our house as I was back to work today, I get Thursday off so it's a short week again for me.

Now to look forward to 2009 and the things I want to plan for, I want to take a new direction in my crafting but not sure what it will be yet, since I started this blog I have spent many hours (far too many!) looking at other peoples work on their blogs, there are a few that I could spend hours on if I had the time.

I love Jak Heaths blog - Crafters Kitchen her work is stunning, I love the way she makes her cards in a simple, elegant way. The way she matches her colours and the ideas she has are really inspiring.

I also love Annette's blog - Scrap happens here, I love all her work and like me she is a mini book lover.

I also have to tell you about my Daughter in laws blog - Karens cards from the heart, Karen only started crafting a few years ago but she has already found her feet with card making, I couldn't wait to get my Christmas card from her this year and I wasn't disappointed either.

What blogs do you all visit regularly? I am sure you all know of ones I haven't seen yet.

There are loads of great blogs out there and hopefully I will do a little more with mine this coming year.



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