Wednesday, 1 July 2009

365 Cards - Day 122 - It's a Wrap

The challenge on Day 122 over at 365 Cards was to make a card using wrapping paper so I begun the hunt for a sheet and this was the only one I could find, I tend to make boxes and use gift bags for presents.

Well it was all I had so this is what I did with it

I took a square white card and added a strip of pale Green along the bottom I then added some Magic Mesh to the top to look like a Goal net, I used white ribbon to imitate the lines on a football pitch and held that in place using 2 Blue Brads.

I cut the elements from the paper and glued them onto white card to give them some body, they were very flimsy. I used 3D foam to mount the Football Player, the Trophy and the Happy Birthday.

That's it, quick and easy for this one


Loz said...

Looks great! I have 2 nephews who would both love that card... and you could co-ordinate the gift with the leftover wrap!
I love the way you made the net... very creative :)

~amy~ said...

nice work Maz!!! Perfect for a boy!!!

Rose said...

i love it!! fantastic use of wraping paper :D so glad to see your making cards again

Ella said...

I love the net too! I'm going to have to get some magic mesh!

Linby said...

great card and I love the use of the mesh - I have some I never know what to use it for so will have to remember this for the next boy card

Gloria Stengel said...

Good job! Am I the only one who still uses wrapping paper? And I did not even do the challenge. LOL

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