Wednesday, 1 July 2009

365 Cards - Day 121 - Four Seasons

The challenge on Day 121 over at 365 Cards was to incorporate all 4 seasons onto your card, this left me a little stumped as I didn't have anything that represented the Seasons so I have had to improvise with this one.

Luckily for some of my fellow 365'ers (Rose and Gloria!) the Challenge Police has taken a break on this one so its anything goes, no rebellion on this one then!

Here is my card, I hope you can tell which image is which season!

I used my Rubber Stamp Tapestry Stamps to stamp a leaf border around the card in the colours the leaves would be in each season starting with Pale Green for Spring then onto a darker Green for Summer then down the side of the card to a Brown for Winter and along to a Red for Autumn and back to the pale Green at the top again.

The card isn't one of my best but it will do for this one as I don't have anything else to use.


misteejay said...

Well done on rising to the challenge - the leaf border is lovely.

Toni :o)

~amy~ said...

great job on this challenge Maz!!

Gloria Stengel said...

I love those little stamps! This is super cute.

And you will notice, even though I live where we have one season...I did the challenge properly! LOL To rebellion here!

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