Sunday, 23 November 2008

We have Snow...

...and it looks like we shall be having more of it.

That means only one thing, stay in and craft!!

I have been really busy with work so the Christmas present making has slowed down a little but I am hoping to catch up a bit today. As I said previously I am making the grandkids a suprise present as well as either a box or height chart and I have photographed them but my Daughter-in-law reads this blog so I cant post any pictures of any of them yet or she will see what her too little boys will be getting.

I am still struggling with the christmas cards as well, I SO want to be able to make some nice Christmas cards to give my family but it just isnt happening, I now have two pieces of paper cut, 1 white and silver and 1 a pale green and then nothing!!! I just done seem to be able to match my papers and my embellishments together so I put it all away again. I have been looking at this blog and this lady ( Jak ) make stunning cards take a look for yourself and you will see what I mean.

Well I will hopefully have something to add here by the end of the day so see you later


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