Monday, 17 November 2008

I didnt get the cards made!!!

Well I told you I was off to the crop on Saturday and whilst there I was hoping to get some Christmas cards made..... well it didnt happen.

I got everything out of my bag, card blanks, stamps, inks, pens, papers etc and cut the deckled edge off the first card blank, I then proceeded to cut a pice of backing paper to stick onto the card, a beautiful paper in white with streaks of silver running over it and that was as far as I got with it.

I just find cards so difficult to do, either I dont have the right papers or I dont have the right embellishments or some other excuse but the truth is I dont have the inspiration to make them.

My Daughter in law attends this crop with me and let me tell you she can make a nice card, in fact she is very talented. Once we got home she did help me by stamping and embossing some images for me so I could continue by myself, she did this last year and I still have the images as they never got made into cards then either!

Oh well tomorrow is my day off and it will be crafting all day for me, I have 24 childrens christmas presents to finish, hopefully I will get to add some photos of them tomorrow and if you do happen across my blog be kind and leave a comment for me, it doesnt have to be all nice ones either.


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