Monday, 26 October 2009

Hi everyone, I am back!!!

Thought it was time to get back to blog land as I have thoroughly neglected my blog for so long.

Well what can I say, its been 3 months since I last posted on here!

Things have been a little hectic over the last few months, I had a few personal problems which have now been resolved, my hubby and I are back together and things are a lot less stressful since we moved house.

The new house is so small but I am steadily sorting through my crafting stash and making a little room for it, some has gone to my daughters house for storage, some in the attic and some in the garage. It has been difficult deciding on what goes where as I always need the stuff I didn't think I would need that has gone to my Daughters house, never mind it will all be sorted in time I guess.

I have been doing some thinking over the last few months and have plans for a new venture after Christmas with 2 of my friends, I am so excited about this and will have more details about this soon so watch this space.

The best news is that I have finally given in my notice at work, I officially finish on the 6th November although I doubt I will be at work this week as I have Cellulitis in my leg so at least one week on the sick for me, I am on antibiotics so we shall see.

Well I will be back later with pics of some of the items I have made over the past few months if I can get the photos transfered onto my new pc.

See you later!


misteejay said...

Lovely to see you back and glad things seem to be sorting themselves out...look forward to seeing what you have been creating.

Welcome back to blogland - you have been missed.

Toni :o)

Rose said...

well it is so nice to have you back!! :0) sounds like things are going well and i look forward to seeing what you have made and what is comming in dec :0) you were truely missed lady!!!

Galadriel Ar Feiniel said...

Welcome back :)))) i missed u so much and waiting for your new handmade pics.

mckinkle said...

How lovely to see that you're getting back to blogging! Great news!
Keryn :D

lorna said...

welcome back misses,good to see you back in blog land, love from another very excited and busy crafter!!

my5bratz said...

glad to see that you and hubby are back together and you're blogging again....LOVE that Ikea box :0)

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