Saturday, 31 October 2009

The countdown to Christmas and pictures of my box!

As promised I want to show you a few pictures of something I have made recently, I have decorated this box to be given as a present, the box is from Ikea. I am only responsible for the decorating and not for the stunning piece of stitching that adorns the top.

I lined all the drawers out using papers to match the colour of ink I used and added a length of tape measure along the bottom as this will be used as a sewing box.

I used a set of Rubber Stamp Tapestry peg stamps along with a set of flourish stamps by Rhonna farrer to make up the design. I then used a brown pen to add the small branches and added pearls to the finished design.

A few close up pictures of the hardanger used on the top

The hardanger was designed by a very talented lady called Colly who has an online shop which you should go and have a look at.

I used small wooden reel to make handles for the drawers which I painted and stamped to match the box.

I have orders for 2 more of these, the first one is for Colly and I am going to start this one today so hopefully I will have pictures of that one next week.

Well I am now on the countdown to Christmas, as you all know I do have a few grandchildren to cater for but I am not making for all of them this year so that should make Christmas a little easier.

So far I have 4 patchwork quilts to make, these are for the babies that hadn't been born when I made the last lot of quilts. I also have 3 pencil boxes to make like those I made last year, these are for the little ones who have just started school this year. I also have a few orders to get finished for other people so this will no doubt keep me out of trouble for a little while.

Hope to be back tomorrow with pictures of a few more bits I have made, off to do some chores as I will be going to see my Son at some point today as it is his birthday

Happy Birthday Dean! x x x


misteejay said...

Oh Maz, that is stunning - love the use of the mini reels.

This is what I've missed...hopping on here to see what delights you have come up with.

Toni :o)

Karen said...

Stunning work Maz.

Love Karen x

Rose said...

oh maz it is so wonderful to see you posting after so long!! i have truely missed your talent :0) this box is stunning!!! how are you ever going to get all the gifts made on time??? i know you will :0)

rie said...

Thank you so much for making this box for my mum it is truely stunning more than i can of imagine it being, im so excited i cant wait to give her it thanks so much

Love marie xx

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